Playtoe Records was created by Mr. James Moore to give young artist an opportunity to create and share their art and talent with the world; with the support of a man and team that’s been there and know how to guide great talent.

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From Macon, Georgia, comes James Moore Muqaddim.

Known in the music industry as James Moore, this young man started his career at an early age, in Macon, GA. At age eighteen he toured the music circuit with the late great Otis Redding, playing guitar. After studying music at the prestigious FAMU, under the tutelage of Julian “Cannon Ball” Adderley and the renowned H Foster, he later transferred to the University of CA., where he continued his musical education.

After finishing school, he worked as a substitute music teacher in the LA city high school system, which proved to be a dismal way to earn a living. James decided to return to school which in turn netted him a bachelor’s degree in electronics. This led to a job with AT&T, as a network online engineering tech. This proved to be a sound decision for it provided a decent salary and a better life.

During his days as a substitute teacher at the local high school, namely Locke High, he met and was befriended by the late Barry White, who in turn; introduced him to the late Buck Ram, Producer and CEO of the Platters. This was around nine teen seventy five. At the time, James was singing and playing guitar with a Motown group called "The Autographs". This group was managed and produced by the late Hal Davis; legendary producer of The Supremes, Marvin Gaye and Smoky Robinson, etc.

That lasted twelve years. James and Barry remained friends throughout the years which resulted in Barry; who had since become his manager; taking him back to the Platters, which he remained with the group for twenty years, touring Spain and Europe.

While based in Benedome, Spain with the Platters, James suffered a debilitating stroke, which sidelined him from touring and playing, but not killing his love for the music business. While going through rehab, he decided to start his own label. Once again he re-entered school. This time to study business; after all he had plenty of time on his hands, so he added sound engineering to his resume. He knew this was a no brainier because he already knew the theory of digital audio technology.

James also knows music theory very well; having played guitar for some of the greatest singers around. James composes all of the music for the artists on his Playtoe Records label.

The artists consider themselves very lucky to have a CEO with these attributes. Running a label in today’s music industry requires a lot of savvy. Artist of today are different than the old school artist; being an artist, yourself; helps to understand the hunger for success that lives inside each artist.

Playtoe Records intends to share that hunger with the world.

The listener will understand when you hear our music on the radio, live or online. “Our time has arrived.”


James Moore is avaliable for Music Production, Artist Development, & Speaking Engagements.

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